About Girls Can Code

Girls Can Code is a non-profit organization founded 3 years ago at Stanford Online High School by Kayla Leung. Since then, Girls Can Code has expanded beyond the scope of just a single school to local communities across the world from Alaska to Singapore. We recruit girls to learn more about coding through club meetings, free workshops, and mentoring teams to compete in Technovation and the Congressional App Challenge.

The Problem

Of the thousands of high school students who take the AP Computer Science test, females make up 20% and a measly 0.4% of high school girls express interest in majoring in Computer Science. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings and women are on track to only fill 3% of those positions.

The Mission

To combat the gender gap, our goal is to encourage more girls to get involved by showing girls that they can code, that coding is useful and fun, and provide a friendly enviornment for girls to speak up, ask questions, engage in discussion, and share their passion for coding.

The Team

Kayla Leung is the President and Founder of Girls Can Code. She leads weekly club meetings, covering topics from electronics to web programming and mentored a team to become a Semi Finalist in the Technovation Challenge. Not wanting Girls Can Code to just stop as a school club, she expanded the club to workshops at local libraries to teach girls how to code and publish their own websites/apps.

Bella Laybourn is the Club Leader of Girls Can Code. As one of the original members of the club, Bella was a skilled, commited, and passionate coder from the start. She has gone on to create and teach coding workshops in her own local community, lead programming meetings online, and serve as the Head Mobile App Developer on the Senior Team

Chelsea Cheng is a Girls Can Code Workshop Instructor. An active member of Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind with a background in electrical and mechanical engineering, Chelsea has been learning how to program on her own for over two years.

Local Community Workshops

  • HTML/CSS Web Programming

    Girls are invited to learn Web Programming and using HTML/CSS and Javascript/jQuery to build their very own Web Site. Working with Codecademy, we will follow their unit by unit programming courses together.

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  • Arduino IoT Programming

    Girls are invited to learn the basics of Arduino, an open-source electronic platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software, and create Internet of Things (IoT) electronic projects using Arduino and various sensors.

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  • Mobile App Programming

    Girls are invited to learn Mobile App Programming using MIT App Inventor and get hands-on experience with prototyping designs, coding screens, creating touchscreen button events, and building their very own app.

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Club Activities

Why should you join Girls Can Code Club?

Girls Can Code Year 2015 - 2016

For the fall semester, we will be doing Web Programming using HTML/CSS and Javascript to build a Web Site. Working with Codecademy, we will follow their unit by unit programming courses. Every week, we’ll start the meeting off by discussing questions and problems that people may have encountered in that week’s unit lesson. For the spring semester, we will work with the physical world. We’ll use what we have learned about the web and bring it alive by integrating it with an Internet of Things electronic project using Arduino and sensors, by following along with Exploring Arduino. Afterwards, we'll have a final project that will be decided upon as a group.

Led by Kayla Leung.

Girls Can Code Year 2016 - 2017

This year, we will be learning how to design and program Mobile Apps through the use of MIT App Inventor. We'll start from the basics and build a new app every week, working collaboratively and simultaneously. The first semester primarily functions to prepare us for the second semester which will be primarily devoted to competing in the Technovation Challenge which also incorporates the entrepreneur side of technology. Technovation is a contest that challenges girls all over the world to build a mobile app that aligns with one of the United Nations Sustainable Goal Developments to address a problem in our community. This video provides an overview of the goals of the competition and what it consists of.

Led by Kayla Leung and Bella Laybourn.

Girls Can Code Year 2017 - 2018

TBA - Come back later for more info!

In The News

Semi Finalist: Girls Can Code 'The Power Pixels' Technovation Junior Team for Silver Lining App

Congrats to ‘The Power Pixels’ Girls Can Code Junior Team of Stanford OHS Middle Schoolers Narmana, Nicole, Beth, Hannah, and Taly for their UN Sustainable Peace goal app Silver Lining! They were just announced as Semifinalist in the 2017 Technovation Challenege, placing in the top 50 internationally out of over 11,000 girls who competed.

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TV Interview: Girls Can Code Workshop @ East Brunswick Public Library

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Student News: East Brunswick Teens Run "Girls Can Code" Club at Library

"The goal of this program was to give girls an opportunity to learn basic coding in a friendly environment where they would be instructed by their peers. Taught by the three high school students, the Girls Can Code club met this summer. Classes covered the HTML and CSS programming languages. By the end of the program, everyone had a website they were able to present."

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Area Teens Run “Girls Can Code” Program At East Brunswick Public Library

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Computer science is still one of the fastest growing career areas. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates this area is seeing above average job growth. Unfortunately, the Bureau also reports that there is an alarming lack of women in the profession. The number of women who work in computer science is less than 27 percent.

Computer science classes have similar demographics. “I’ve had an interest in coding, but there were only two girls in my class of twenty,” said high school student Aishwarya Singh. Along with her friends—and fellow coders—Kayla Leung and Chelsea Cheng, she put together the Girls Can Code Club at the East Brunswick Public Library this past July.

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